Wednesday, May 7, 2014

BentleyForbes Offers Support of the Boy Scouts of America

According to BentleyForbes, the Boy Scouts of America has provided generations of young boys with strong values and unique experiences that aren’t available anywhere else. BentleyForbes has witnessed a variety of benefits for participants involved in this vaunted organization. From cub scouts to scout leaders, the opportunities for success are limitless, says BentleyForbes.

Q: What is the mission of the Boy Scouts of America?

BentleyForbes: The overall goal of the Boy Scouts of America is to help youth to make moral and ethical choices. Leaders instill core values as expressed through the Scout Law and the Scout Oath.

Q: When can boys begin joining Boy Scouts of America?

BentleyForbes: Boys have the option of signing up beginning in first grade. The final rite of passage is commencement.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

BentleyForbes Sheds Light on Latest Commercial Real Estate Strategies

After considering the latest trends in commercial real estate, the team at BentleyForbes has determined that investors are in a powerful position to capitalize on the market. The company cites the development of more resorts, hotels, office spaces and shopping centers as a sign that the economy is back on track. In order to maximize financial profitability, investors are testing the waters of commercial real estate, according to BentleyForbes.

Over the last two decades, BentleyForbes has established itself as a leader in this sector, with executive leadership well-versed in the art of real estate investment strategies across a variety of markets and property types. Their counsel has expertly assisted numerous clients as they examine the current landscape of commercial real estate and determine the proper courses of action. Commercial real estate is an opportunity for many investors to diversify their current portfolios, reports the team at BentleyForbes. These investments are often more secure than those involving stocks and bonds. Commercial real estate is an increasingly alluring option for investors with ample funds. The office, hospitality and retail sectors have all proven to be valuable areas for many investors.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

BentleyForbes Examines Its Place in the Modern Real Estate Market

Q: What are the particular strengths of BentleyForbes in today’s competitive marketplace?

BentleyForbes: Our company’s experienced management team has been consistently lauded as a dominant force in its field. By spanning a broad spectrum of markets and property types, we have assisted a variety of different clients in its two-decade history. The property types handled by our company include hotels, retail properties, resorts, office spaces, warehouses and other industrial sites. With an excellent and fully engaged management group, along with a vast array of intelligent real estate strategies, our company is in prime position to accomplish significant transactions.

Q: How has the company diversified its efforts?

BentleyForbes: The company is not tied down to acquisition and development of real estate. Its considerable reach within the real estate market extends to management, rehabilitation, redevelopment and ownership of properties throughout the U.S. This strategy has resulted in some of real estate’s greatest successes in recent years.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Under the Guidance of BentleyForbes, Prudential Towers Receives Prestigious LEED Honor

After two years of tireless dedication, BentleyForbes has been awarded a special distinction from the U.S. Green Building Council with the LEED Gold-Existing Buildings certification. The property of note is the Prudential Plaza in Chicago, one of the most prominent in the city’s East Loop. Current tenants of Prudential Plaza include Integrys Energy Group, Obama for America, BDO Seidman and the US-Mexico Chamber of Commerce.

In an ever-changing economic climate, the twin virtues of sustainability and resource protection have made a vital impact on how businesses go about their daily activities. By achieving LEED Gold status, the management team at Prudential Plaza has demonstrated its commitment to their tenants’ wellbeing. BentleyForbes has maintained a strong commitment to offering all Prudential Plaza tenants with the most comfortable atmosphere in which to complete their operations.

Friday, April 4, 2014

BentleyForbes Founder Earns Jewish Vocational Service Leadership Award

The BentleyForbes founder and CEO was recently awarded the prestigious honor of the Jewish Vocational Service’s Leadership Award. He joins an impressive list of recipients who have been recognized for their positive impact on society. As BentleyForbes reports, many of these leaders have overcome major obstacles to achieve their personal and professional goals.

The Jewish Vocational Service offers job related resources, computer classes, workshops and career counseling at numerous locations. Throughout the organization’s history, its leaders have provided networking opportunities and various other benefits for the BentleyForbes CEO and the business community as a whole. In order to improve its efforts, the Jewish Vocational Service collaborates with employees, employers and client to help reach and identify individual career, employment, economic and education self-sufficiency goals.